Life's Pleasures

Life’s Pleasures are large paintings on canvas featuring food, wine and flowers with scenic landscapes. I play with perspective and colors to intensify and contrast between the light and shadows in an idyllic setting.


I love painting people in a setting that they relate to, or those that they wish to be in. It’s a combination of reality and fantasy.

Nature's Patterns

I studied at university in medical illustration. My pen and pencil nature drawings show vivid detail of tree trunks, forest duff, and patterns in cliffs and mud floors carved by the power of water.

Birds in Shoes

This series was inspired by a coffee table book by John J. Audubon, Birds of America. Birds in Shoes is not a new concept, but one I hope gives respect to the individual birds in a fun and whimsical way.

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Welcome to Judy Kennedy Art

Judy Kennedy is a Sacramento native who expresses her creativity through acrylic on canvas paintings and pen and pencil drawings.

“I follow the principle that you should paint what you know. It keeps you honest. I paint and draw from my own experiences; deriving inspiration from those things I am passionate about.”

Learn more about Judy here.